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The original – vinyl floorings for a unique and healthy home

When you choose EXPONA DOMESTIC, you can be sure of an all-round top-class vinyl flooring. As one of Europe’s leading providers in this field, we possess unparalleled expertise in conceiving, developing and manufacturing design floorings. We always insist on using healthy materials and innovative manufacturing processes that we analyse, improve and optimise on an ongoing basis. Your winning choice for quality, comfort and individuality.

The durability, robustness and low-maintenance of our floorings are testimony to their outstanding quality. For your ultimate comfort, they are also warm and quiet underfoot and contribute to a healthy atmospheric environment.

You can experience the exclusivity of our flooring instantly, with wood and stone designs that look and feel incredibly realistic. Our different planks and tiles have been designed with meticulous attention to detail to create patterns that look natural over large surfaces. And thanks to our special embossing technique, they also have a tangible embossed finish. Just like Mother Nature intended. Your added value – for an exclusive, feel-good ambience.

Your winning choice
for quality and aesthetics


  • The original – built on decades of experience

    As one of the first providers of healthy vinyl floorings, we possess more than 20 years of experience and unparalleled expertise in the design and manufacture of first-class flooring solutions. With 45 million square metres of EXPONA vinyl flooring already laid on customer’s floors, and our continual investment in development and innovation, you can rest assured that you have chosen a first-class flooring.

  • Extraordinary designs – greater individuality

    All patterns have been conceived and perfected with great attention to detail – creating natural-looking effects, realistic finishes, design-adapted dimensions and a 100% harmonious product. Each design is composed of planks and tiles in a myriad of different patterns, ensuring a true-to-life effect over a large surface area – the ultimate in exclusivity.

  • 3D effect – flooring that looks and feels realistic

    Our wide range of wood and stone designs are treated with up to six special colours during the manufacturing process, resulting in exceptional colour saturation and a uniquely realistic matt tone. The special way in which the flooring embossing is co-ordinated with the design coating creates an authentically tangible finish with an exclusive 3D effect – for your ultimate flooring experience.

Your winning choice
for safety and low-maintenance


  • Special manufacturing processes – best quality and stability

    We take the time we need to achieve outstanding results, integrating the best technical production methods in our manufacturing processes. We put a lot into our flooring – and it certainly pays off! The fruits of our labour are EXPONA DOMESTIC vinyl floorings – with a top-quality 0.4 mm wear layer and optimum stability for outstanding robustness and durability.

  • Low-maintenance – CleanShieldTM surface treatment

    Our unique, cross-linked and UV-hardened PUR surface treatment provides sustainable protection for your flooring, making it particularly hard-wearing and extremely low-maintenance. Protection that works – so that your design flooring always stays looking good.

  • Waterproof – suitable for damp rooms

    EXPONA DOMESTIC floorings are waterproof. They don’t swell up when in contact with water, which makes them perfect solutions for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Convincing quality – 15-year guarantee*

    You benefit from our high quality, expertise and outstanding manufacturing processes. We are so convinced of the quality of our vinyl flooring that we offer a 15-year guarantee* on all EXPONA DOMESTIC products, wherever you have them in your home.

    * Please refer to the guarantee for details

Your winning choice
for comfort and well-being


  • Carefully selected materials – healthy flooring

    Our design flooring complies with the same standards as those prescribed for children’s toys. We manufacture our products using only organic, phthalate-free plasticisers. EXPONA DOMESTIC floorings make a significant contribution to a healthy atmospheric environment and are recognised as particularly low-emission by the European Indoor Air Comfort Gold label. Our design floorings are also hygienic and allergy-friendly, making them a healthy choice of home flooring for you and your family.

  • A relaxing haven of tranquillity – a wonderful flooring experience

    Your ultimate comfort is our number one concern. This is why our vinyl floorings are quiet to walk on, cushioning noise and ensuring good acoustics. EXPONA DOMESTIC floorings are also a treat for bare feet – they’re free from static electricity and are wonderfully soft and warm underfoot so that you can relax, with or without shoes.

  • Installation over underfloor heating – warm and cosy

    EXPONA DOMESTIC is ideal for laying on top of warm-water underfloor heating because its extreme thinness means that it conducts heat wonderfully. The warmth permeates shortly after the heating comes on, keeping heat loss to a minimum. That’s good news for your energy consumption and good news for you!

  • A unique home – your own special retreat

    Because all of our floorings have the same minimal thickness, EXPONA DOMESTIC is the perfect flooring for a harmonious design – whether you lay it in your lounge, bedroom, the children’s rooms, hallway, kitchen or bathroom. All of our designs can be mixed and matched to suit your taste and the style of your home. You can enjoy even greater creative scope with a myriad of laying patterns and specially cut design patterns. Why not make your home your very own?

Your winning choice
for quick and easy renovations


  • No chiselling, no rubble, no dust – habitable again in next to no time!

    EXPONA DOMESTIC is the perfect solution for renovations – even if people are at home. You save yourself time and do away with unwanted dirt and dust. The minimal thickness of our tiles and planks means no filing down doors and door frames, and no chiselling out existing tiles or any other hard floor coverings either. Your workman will use a suitable screed to level off the substrate before installing the design flooring. Before long, the flooring will be ready to walk on again – and you’ll be feeling perfectly at home in next to no time.

  • Installing on stairs – for a harmonious overall effect

    Our products can also be used to cover stairs, creating a fabulous look and a seamlessly uniform effect with neighbouring rooms. The anti-slip surface also makes it safer on the stairs – for a home design that offers all-round perfection.

  • Flooring in rented properties – a smart solution

    EXPONA DOMESTIC is also an excellent choice for rented flats or houses. Even if frequently changing tenants put the floor through its paces, our robust, low-maintenance design flooring stays looking good. Perfect for keeping tenants happy and costs down.

Good for you and good for the environment –
sustainably produced vinyl floorings


  • Low-emission and healthy – the best air indoors

    Healthy materials are an absolute priority. We spend 80–90% of our life in closed rooms, breathing the air indoors. Today’s virtually air-proof buildings minimise the exchange of air to such an extent that toxins from the different materials and furnishings can build up in a room. EXPONA DOMESTIC floorings have been recognised with the Indoor Air Comfort Gold seal, which is exclusively awarded to products that comply with the strict VOC emission standards and guarantee the best indoor air – for a healthy home.

  • Durable and resource-friendly – our contribution to the environment

    We continually strive to be pioneers in green concepts and technical innovations. For instance, our EXPONA DOMESTIC floorings are coated with special CleanShieldTM surface treatment, which makes the surface stain-resistant, significantly reducing the adhesion of dirt and making it extremely easy to clean. This saves water, cleaning agents and maintenance costs. The high quality and robustness of our vinyl floorings also make them extremely durable. This is your guarantee for an environmentally friendly flooring.

  • A great all-rounder for the environment – a great feeling for you

    We adopt a future-oriented approach to our development, our philosophy and our actions, and continually evaluate our entire product life cycle from all perspectives. No stone is left unturned – from the development of durable, low-maintenance floorings to responsible purchasing processes and the economic use of precious resources, including low consumption of energy during manufacturing and the recycling of used floorings. We do this to bring you – and future generations – the greatest benefits possible.