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Graphic designs, slate effects or concrete looks – creative styles for unique homes.

– PURE –

Bursting with energy

There’s always a lot going on in our house. Our children usually have some friends round, either playing in the garden or sitting on the dining-room floor and drawing. The little rascals are always up to something – a glass gets knocked over, they draw on the floor, they forget to take their dirty shoes off … I’m not bothered though! Our design flooring holds its own against stains and crayons. I just have to run over it with a mop – and off they go again!

Our house reflects who we are – full of the joys of life and always on the go. We’d definitely ruled out a conventional, plain floor. The graphic pattern of our EXPONA DOMESTIC design flooring with its unique grey and black triangles is the perfect match for us.

– PURE –

A unique lifestyle

Water is our element! We love wakeboarding, kitesurfing and diving, and dedicate every waking minute of our weekends and holidays to these sports. We recently created a mini ‘water oasis’ in our home, too – a stylish bathroom with a free-standing bathtub! We chose a new EXPONA DOMESTIC vinyl floor to go with it, which, apart from being waterproof, is also warm underfoot. This is our new favourite place after a stressful day at work.

Of course, we wanted to create the right backdrop for the free-standing bathtub – with wood panelling on the wall and an unusual slate-effect floor with a smart, silvery lustre.

– PURE –

Rich in experience

As an interior designer, I’ve often used vinyl floorings in shops, cafés and restaurants. Firstly, because they are hard-wearing, low-maintenance and durable – which are extremely important factors, of course, in busy places. Secondly, because the design of the flooring can be chosen to match the property in question. Seeing as I’ve had such good experience with design floorings, I’ve also decided to use them at home, too.

My industrial-style open-plan kitchen is the focal point of my loft apartment. I opted for an EXPONA DOMESTIC vinyl flooring with a sand-coloured concrete look, whose washed-out pattern prevents the floor from looking too pristine. A fabulous urban look – just my cup of tea!