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Installing and cleaning

In a 70 m² flat, a floor-layer requires approximately two days to renovate the floor – including preparation of the substrate. The rooms can be used as normal again on the third day.


Installing is quick and easy, even when the property is lived in. To start with, old floorings – such as carpets – are removed. Design floorings need to be laid on a perfectly prepared, absorbent substrate (firm, clean, permanently dry, free from cracks) with a level surface.

We recommend gluing the flooring with solvent-free dispersion adhesive applied to the entire surface area. If the substrate allows, we also recommend using time- and cost-saving dry adhesives such as Sigan® and DT 200 Quick-Lift®.

EXPONA DOMESTIC design floorings featuring CleanShield™ surface treatment have an entirely smooth surface, making them easy to keep clean. Regular hoovering or sweeping is usually all that the floor needs. More stubborn dirt can be removed by mopping with a standard neutral cleaning solution or PU cleaner. There’s no need to add any special floor-cleaning products to the water.