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From timeless classics to powerful, dark woods – for stunningly stylish designs.



Many think pensioners have a quiet life. How wrong could they be!? I’m always on the go – with my grandchildren, the hiking club and several times a day with my dog. I try and make life as easy as possible at home. Now I don’t have to waste any more time trying to get rid of marks from the dog on the floor – all in vain! EXPONA DOMESTIC vinyl flooring is extremely hard-wearing and holds its own against dirt and scratches.

I love the manor-house style, which provided the inspiration for furnishing my flat. In terms of looks, I believe the new design flooring is the perfect match. The floor is very stylish with the differently coloured planks and their grains giving it a wonderful vibrancy.


All the right makings

When choosing my first flat, my criteria went much further than the layout and location. A carpeted flat was definitely not an option because I have a dust allergy. However, I didn’t find tiled floors very cosy. The EXPONA DOMESTIC vinyl flooring in my new rented flat was just what I was looking for – it’s as beautiful as wood, while also being allergy-friendly and hygienic.

I’m also impressed by the look of the floor. It looks just like genuine mini-parquet and exudes plenty of warmth with its different shades of colour and grains. It also goes well with the furniture from my parents’ house.