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Whitewashed woods and pale, natural Scandinavian tones – a breath of natural freshness.


Happy families

I really enjoyed getting the bedroom ready for my baby. Thinking of a colour scheme, choosing nice decorations … However, the main priority was making sure that all furnishings – including the floor – were low-emission and healthy. What I also found fantastic with EXPONA DOMESTIC vinyl floorings is that they are warm and soft underfoot – perfect for my little one to learn how to crawl and walk.

The overall effect in the room was another very important factor. I wanted my child to grow up in a bright and friendly environment. The vinyl flooring with the whitewashed oak effect and soft shading was just what I was looking for. We are very pleased with the atmosphere we’ve created – and the baby’s crawling already, too!


The home of the future

Finally able to relax! On top of our jobs and everyday stress, co-ordinating the construction of our house was exhausting. We wanted everything to be perfect for our future together. This meant that sustainable construction was important to us – including the choice of heating system, building materials and flooring. We were impressed by EXPONA DOMESTIC vinyl flooring because of its durability and because we hardly need any water and cleaning agent to keep it clean. In other words, we’ll always be saving on maintenance.

Our house is furnished in a minimalistic, natural style. The flooring, with its beautiful natural wood structure, reminds us of oak trees in the mountains – and our mountain hikes. We’ll definitely have more time again for hiking now.